About Us

Below you will discover more about Who We Are, Our History, and What Makes us Different, as well as some of the other ministries, organizations and associations we are affiliated with, in order to fulfill the calling that God has placed upon our shoulders. 

The International Assemblies of God Fellowship is a worldwide cooperative fellowship of Ministers, Churches, and Ministries of like precious faith who have chosen to join together under a common banner so that they may be more effective in fulfilling the Great Commission of Christ. 

Our membership consists of churches throughout North America, and many foreign countries as well as Evangelistic / Para-Church Ministries, Pastors, Seminary and Bible College Professors, Missionaries, Evangelists, Chaplains (Health Care, Industrial, Emergency Services & Military) and others who serve within churches and para-church organizations that find it to be beneficial in having a trusted organization that stands for integrity in ministry behind them.

We are about PEOPLE... people who have committed themselves to a life of service and devotion to Christ and in fulfilling the "Great Commission" around the world.

We are about FREEDOM... freedom from the heavy chains of religious bureaucracy that seeks to weigh you down and prevent you from fulfilling the will of God in your life and calling yet still maintaining a Biblical concept of accountability.

We are about CHRIST ... we are bound together with fellow believers by our confession of Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God, author of our salvation, and head of the church. As such we are to be His hands, His Feet and His voice to a lost and dying world.


We are devoted to developing and encouraging passionate and spiritually healthy Ministers / Pastors, Churches, and Ministries who are devoted to powerfully engaging and impacting each other, and those whom they are called to serve … with the life changing Gospel of Jesus Christ. To fulfill the Great Commission in the spirit of the Great Commandment


The International Assemblies of God has been called to proclaim the Gospel of Christ and the beliefs of the evangelical Christian faith, to maintain the worship of God, and to inspire in all persons a love for Christ, a passion for righteousness, and a consciousness of their duties to God and their fellow human beings. We pledge our lives to Christ and covenant with each other to demonstrate His Spirit through worship, witnessing, and ministry to the needs of the people of all nations and communities in which we serve.

We are committed to being an organization that conducts itself with the utmost honor in matters of moral, scriptural, and spiritual integrity while holding all members to that same standard which brings honor and glory to Christ and His Church.

Our History

The “International Assemblies of God Fellowship”... in the overall scheme of things is relatively new. Yet, at the same time, we are historically and richly grounded in the great outpouring of Holy Spirit in the early 20th century through its members, relationships, and affiliations.

After the great outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the early part of the 20th century, many groups began to form alliances.

Some of these alliances eventually turned into denominations. This continued for the next several decades, eventually establishing much of what we have and know today regarding denominations and such. There are some denominations that are of such size, they would have you believe that they represent the entire Pentecostal, Full-Gospel faith at large. Of course, that is nowhere near the truth, as they are only ONE OF MANY different streams that flow into this mighty river of blessing.

Over the years, many changes have taken place in all these organizations. Unfortunately, most of what has changed has not been for the better but has resulted in more and more bureaucracy that strangles ministry instead of liberating it. Many of those organizations have, over the years created unscriptural and unnecessary processes by which someone may be properly “credentialed” in order to fulfill any kind of pastoral or missional leadership role, as well as who can and can't pastor "this or that" church. By doing so, they have created an almost “elite class” of clergy who pride themselves on their affiliations and accomplishments, often refusing to have any fellowship with those outside of their particular organization, and “cutting off” any fellowship with anyone who leaves that specific organization for another.

It was through much prayer and guidance by the Holy Spirit in the latter part of the 20th century that a handful of men and women would begin crafting a vision and a mission statement to keep us focused on what we are about. We have learned a lot from the mistakes that have been made by others in the past, and do not dwell there, but look ahead to what God has in store for us. We know that as we keep him first and foremost in all that we do, we cannot go wrong. To that end we are determined to provide our members with the very best support, guidance, and accountability they need to fulfill their calling.

Whether you are an individual who has recently been called into ministry or one that has been around for many years, you will find a warm, caring, and compassionate welcome here. We extend an invitation for you to come and join with us as we proclaim the “Good News” to those who are lost and without hope as well as those who have been beat up and discarded by churches and leadership alike.

If you are a congregation that is looking to affiliate with an organization that will not only give you identity, but also allow you the freedom and autonomy that you desire, then look no further.

Our leadership stands ready to assist you if you should so desire. 

Different To Make A Difference

First and foremost, we are very DIFFERENT from any and all similar denominations and or organizations. It is a purposeful thing, not something that "just happened". There are many organizations who are in a sense "different", but are making no difference in the Kingdom of Christ. WE are different TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE in His great and glorious kingdom.

We exist for the purpose of training, equipping and assisting men and women who are called to the Gospel Ministry in order to fulfill the Great Commission. We are not here to elevate any particular person, church, or ministry. Unlike in some organizations which tend to give more credence and attention to those who have created a persona and personal kingdom of followers and built large mega-churches. Every single member, regardless of who they are, what they do, or how big or little the church they pastor might be, are treated as equals in all aspects of ministry and relationships among others in the fellowship. It’s not about who you are, but whose you are.

We exist to bring back genuine INTEGRITY into the pastoral ministry and service to Christ and others. When you become a part of this fellowship, it is because men and women who serve in leadership have properly examined you and sought God on your behalf to be sure you are called and qualified not based on any particular amount of education you may have, but based on the witnesses of others who can speak concerning your calling. You may not necessarily feel qualified, and you may not appear to be in the eyes of mankind and the world we live in. However, God qualifies those whom He calls, and he leaves it in the hands of the Elders to recognize, train and set aside those who have heeded that call.

Let us be clear, we are not immature or inexperienced in our own walk as leaders, but “well-seasoned”, mature and Godly men and women who have the necessary gifts of discernment and compassion which allows us to oversee the work which is being done in and through this fellowship by its members.

We are not afraid to stand up for that which is Godly, and against that which is not. We are bold in speaking the Gospel yet seasoned with grace and mercy as we do so.

Many of us have come out of what can be best described as heavy handed and bureaucratic organizations, and are seeking the freedom of ministry without the chains of bondage to archaic, strict and outdated modes of ministry. We have members who were dismissed and reprimanded for following the leading of the Holy Spirit and not the "orders" from from their previous affiliated organizations. 

There are those outside of our circle who like to label us as "rogue" which in their ideology means "without accountability", but that wrong. We can assure anyone who should think such things... that our members, churches and affiliated ministries are not only accountable to the oversight of the leadership, but also to each other. We are a "Free Fellowship" meaning our ministers, churches and affiliated ministries have the "FREEDOM" to conduct ministry in the way they feel led of the Lord but still be accountable. 

We have well-placed operational guidelines in place to make sure our membership is held accountable to the Word of God, as well as to those whom they are serving, without having to resort to unfair, undeserving, heavy handed and un-biblical limitations upon their calling and ministry. We are fair, just, loving and 100% Biblical in how we handle all issues concerning our members.

We all have scars, the tear stains and callused knees of many a night in tearful prayer, calling out to the Lord on behalf of those whom we were called to shepherd and disciple. So we know the hurts of those who have been rejected by others because they just simply did not fit the “mold” of what any specific organization was looking for in a member to credential. Or because they had made a mistake earlier in life, or because of the misinterpretation of scripture concerning things such as marriage and divorce. 

Yes, we have had those who wanted to live their lives in accordance with the world and not the Word. Not wanting to submit themselves to any form of accountability whatsoever. They are no longer a part of this fellowship.

Beyond all of the freedom and accountability that we offer, we also provide our members with as much and as many resources as we can in order to help them fulfill their call to the Gospel ministry. Our leadership has literally 100’s of years of combined ministry and leadership experience from which to draw from in assisting others in fulfilling their mission, ministry and goals.

We primarily exist to properly equip men and women to be successful in reaching those whom they have been called to reach. In their objective to fulfill the Gospel mandate of reaching the world for Christ. To preach the Gospel to every nation, tongue, and tribe. To fulfill the Great Commission. So, yes, we are different, and we

If you believe that we are the fellowship which the Lord would have you be a part of, then we invite you with open arms to come and join with us as we "extend His kingdom and impact the nations" in His name!

Connections & Affiliated Ministries

Over the years, we have cultivated a number of Connections and Associations with like minded Evangelical Christian Organizations which serve to enhance our viability as a fellowship as well as our effectiveness. We do not take these relationships lightly and hold each and everyone of them in the highest esteem. It is through their specialty within the evangelical Christian community that we are able to do much of what we do, especially in domestic and foreign missions.

International Evangelical Full Gospel Alliance - With their home office in the UK, the IEFGA serves churches and ministries throughout the world, providing resources to leadership of denominations, fellowships and house churches. 

Mission: North America - A coalition of ministries that resources, trains, equips and coaches ministers and evangelists in the United States and Canada to communicate the full gospel of Jesus Christ in the spirit and power of Pentecost. 

TEAM Effort - A ministry that provides short term missions trips with life changing experiences in the USA, Canada and Internationally. 

Missio Nexus - An organization devoted to catalyzing relationships, collaborations and ideas within the Great Commission community. Their vision is to see missional leaders accelerating the fulfillment of the Great Commission in servant partnership with the church globally

Association of Full Gospel Missions International - AFGMI is a network resource community that assists the leadership of denominations, fellowships and house churches to fulfill their vision and calling into the world of missions, both domestically and internationally by providing many resources such as coaching and training. 

Evangelical Global Relief Alliance - The EGRA is a coalition of like-minded and complimentary North American disaster preparedness and response implementing agencies. Member organizations elect to participate in collective relief, based on their focus and capacity. 

Evangelical Christian Education Training Association - The ECETA provides advanced training in Christian Education to the leadership of many churches, denominations, fellowships and house churches.

Association of Evangelical Full Gospel Church Planters - AEFGCPe exists to provide the leadership of full gospel denominations, fellowships and house churches to necessary tools and training to equip their members in planting new works. 

National Association of Evangelicals - NAE is a worldwide organization of Evangelical churches, denominations, fellowships, associations and para-church organizations committed to honoring God, connecting and representing evangelical Christians. 

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