Ministerial Credentials ...


The IAOG Fellowship issues credentials to qualified persons through an approved application process, regardless if those credentials are to be issued by transfer, recognition of previous credentials or otherwise.


As a matter of policy, we issue only three levels of credentials to those applying for membership. They are as follows,

  • Certified Minister (Novice)
  • Licensed Minister
  • Ordained Minister

If you currently hold a credential that is not listed but is lower than “Licensed Minister”, then you will be issued “Certified Minister” credentials.


Individuals who already hold valid credentials a fully recognized organization or church body shall be transferred into the fellowship at the same level unless there is sufficient reason to warrant otherwise. The same goes for anyone who has held credentials in the past, but for whatever reasons no longer hold them or are no longer active.


Applicants who graduate from a recognized and accredited Christian University, College or Seminary with a ministry based major can apply for Ordination in most circumstances, however there are a few exceptions which shall be determined by the Credentials Committee at the time of application.


Those who have never held credentials before and have little to no experience will be issued “Certified Minister” credentials until they have gained sufficient knowledge, understanding and leadership abilities determined by the Executive Council and Credentials Committee. Applicants in this category must be under the mentorship of a local pastor and or church and are only limited or restricted in what they can or can’t do by their mentoring pastor and or church, and any State or Local Laws (ie: most states require a person to be Ordained before conducting marriages, etc)


Perhaps the most important thing in our mind when considering credentialing an applicant for membership is this...

  • Is the applicant’s daily life a convincing testimony as to having been born again?
  • Is there evidence of a genuine and divine call to the ministry, and
  • Do they possess a God given ability (gifting) to present the Gospel of Christ in such a way as to win souls for Christ

If you are simply looking for credentials so you can have a title – please look elsewhere. We will not contribute to the ungodly practice which these “Credentials Mills” are a part of, but giving credentials to unqualified and for the most part ... immoral people. If you are sincere and genuine, then you will want to be a part of a sincere, genuine fellowship that stands for the highest integrity in matters of faith and personal conduct.


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