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  1. ALL application request must be made using the "Contact Us" form. Request via phone will not be made.
  2. Prior to requesting any application, you must read ALL of the content within the membership and credentials pages, and state that you have done so in your request. Otherwise you will get an e-mail back telling you that you must do this. Save us and yourself some time, and simply take a few minutes to read the information first. We get a LOT of inquiry and requests, and this is a simple way for us to "weed out" those who are just "shopping around".
  3. Once we get your e-mail request, we will send you an application packet, at which time you may call us with your questions, comments or concerns. This is simply part of our "vetting" process to make sure we are giving priority attention to those who are truly interested in being a part of our fellowship.


There are two types of Membership within the IAOG Fellowship.

  • Church / Ministry Affiliation
  • Credentialed Minister.

However, before any person, church or organization decides to seek membership and affiliate with us or any other organization; we would encourage them to seriously seek the Lord first and foremost. We literally get hundreds of request a week from organizations seeking affiliation or from men and women who are seeking ministerial credentials – and when asked if they have prayed about it first, they are somewhat shocked by our question.


To be honest, not everyone is a good fit with our organization, and we realized that from the very start. There are those who are simply seeking “credentials” and “affiliation” for all the wrong reasons, and we want to make sure due diligence is observed in order to maintain integrity.


We want those who become a part of this organization to know they are truly walking in the will of the Lord, and that He is guiding you in this journey. We are here to serve you ... to encourage you... to walk with you, but you must have the aptitude and mental resolve to be able to work outside the box of what many denominations are about. Believe it or not, there are those who simply can’t work with the enormous amount of freedom afforded them by us.


We look at ourselves not as an institution, but as a team that is willing to work together for a common goal ... which for us is to seek and save the lost, thereby fulfilling the Great Commission. The members of the team must be willing to give and receive from each other and must be cooperative in nature, demonstrating unity in the faith.


There must be mutual accountability among all members of the fellowship, and a genuine trust relationship that is carefully respected. All members are held accountable in regards to integrity, honesty and faithfulness to biblical truth.


You are given a strong commission to be free, creative and aggressive for dynamic, outreaching ministry. Instead of control, you are unleashed to adapt the methods you need to be a culturally relevant in your ministry and or church. The IAOG will in no way restrict or hinder you as you fulfill the Great Commission.


Procedure for Affiliating a Church


Procedure for Affiliating a Para-Church Ministry


To learn more about obtaining Ministerial Credentials with the IAOG Fellowship, please click on the link below.


Ministerial Credentials