If you are interested in obtaining credentials with us, or applying for a charter and recognition for your church, please use the information presented below.

NOTICE: We do not take request for credentials / charters via the phone due to the overwhelming volume of calls we get from our members. 

IAOG Fellowship
P.O. Box 851
Martinsburg, WV  25402-0851


To prevent spamming, we have temporarily removed and suspended our “contact form” here on the site. In order to request information on obtaining ministerial credentials and or charter for a church you must submit the following information to us via e-mail. The information, including the e-mail address below must be manually submitted to us. We apologize for this, and pray you will understand.

1. Full Name
2. Complete Mailing Address
3. Active and Verifiable e-Mail Address
4. Phone Number (please indicate if cell or land)

Please send the above information to the address displayed below.

Thank you and God Bless



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