About Us 02
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The IAOG was formed by a very diverse coalition of pastors and churches whose desire it was to work collectively as an organization to send and support both domestic and foreign missionaries as well as provide a means of accountability amongst themselves. What began in the mid-Atlantic states of the US, has spread throughout North America and many foreign countries around the world.


Our Roots Run Deep

In the overall scheme of things, the IAOG Fellowship is relatively new, yet at the same time, historically grounded in the great outpouring of the early 20th century through its members and affiliations.


After the great outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the early part of the 20th century, many groups began to form alliances. Some of these alliances eventually turned into denominations and others merged to form independent groups. This continued for the next several decades, eventually establishing much of what we have and know today in regards to denominations and such. We are all many different streams that flow into a mighty river of blessing.


What We Are ...

  • We are accountable! As group of men, women, churches and para-church ministries who have come together under a common banner of service to fulfill the Great Commission of Christ in the spirit of the Great Commandment; we willingly submit ourselves to the leadership of this organization and to each and every member so that the Gospel may be carried out with the utmost integrity so as not to bring reproach upon our calling, while serving with the utmost freedom to minister as the Lord has called us.
  • We are committed to sound doctrine! As a fellowship, we work within a very clear mission, guided by strong and well establish core values all the while fully embracing a very well known adage which states..."In Things Essential - Unity, In Things Non-Essential - Liberty, In All Things - Charity". 
  • We are bound together with fellow believers by our confession of Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God, author of our salvation, and head of the church. As such we are to be His hands, His Feet and His voice to a lost and dying world. It's not about us, it's about Him!


What We Are Not ...

  • We are not for everyone! Not everyone can work within the level of freedom we offer our members, while others will not allow themselves to be held accountable to anyone other than themselves, which sets a dangerous precedence.
  • We are not in competition with any other fellowship or denomination but prefer to work cooperatively with others to effect a positive outcome for everyone.
  • We are not a "splinter group" of any other organization, nor are we "officially or un-officially" affiliated with any other organization with similar names. Although we may share similar doctrine, views, values and vision, the IAOG is fully autonomous.


Our Mission

To Equip, Empower and Mobilize Pastors, Churches and Para-Church Ministries for Great Commission Ministry in the Spirit of The Great Commandment


Our Vision

To be a movement of Ministers, Churches and Ministries that have been transformed by Christ, empowered by the Holy Spirit and released to be strategic in service and passionate in our pursuit of His mission and mercy as we go and make disciples of all people in every nation.